Our Company

Edge Industrial Fasteners was established in 1998. While forming the company, Ed Purvis, Donald Owens, and Gerald Knight also built a set of principles that, ever since, allowed Edge Industrial Fasteners to operate like well oiled threads. Those values, including a commitment to doing good for the whole, innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and acting with integrity, Edge Fasteners was able to grow to nationwide distribution. In a working relationship, each customer will feel confident that their best interest and needs are upheld through customer attention and care with each and every team member of Edge Industrial Fasteners.

Who We Are

Knowlege of all products

Providing full attention to every customer

Ability to meet strict deadlines

Offering high quality products in a vast array of categories


Edge Fasteners understands that time is of the essence. With that in mind, they strive to deliver their products to meet the needs that arise for our customers/friends. We offer local delivery around the Metro Atlanta area and prompt shipments to areas around the United States.